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Poem: Fleeting Moments
Author: hajimenokizu
Goodbye to a wonderful dream,

A fleeting moment of bliss in a pitch black darkness.

Of lanterns and temples, of rivers and mountains,

We walked an imaginary path hoping for the sun.

But it sets as quickly as it rises,

In passing a long stone pavement that continually whispers,

A heart that reaches and a hand that barely grazes,

Wanting the comfort of that which it can never really have.

He turns away, she does not follow,

The fine silk it fell towards the dirt not to be white,

perhaps someone will pick it and make it of use.

Silently, he knew it was the end for them, life goes on.

(RK Saitou with an alternate pairing. A tragic poem of Saitou and Hide early in their relationship as they separated.)

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