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Title: Butterfly
Author: Safetygirl

Ay iyaiyai
Ay iyaiyai

Hide shoved her cellphone in her schoolbag as the little chirp went off right in the middle of literature.

A-a-a iyaiyai

Professor Hijikata looked around the room, stopping in his poetry recitation mid-verse as another melodic chirp went off. “Those are -banned-,” he grumbled, taking off his glasses to scan the room. “And such a girlish ringtone.” All of the heads in the room swiveled around to look at the lone female in the room.

He kept his gaze on Hide for a long minute before looking at the young man at the desk next to hers. “Souji, perhaps a young samurai should adopt something a bit more masculine and battle-ready, hmm?”

“Yes sir! I’ll change it immediately!” There was laughter as Souji pulled out his phone, covered in stickers with all manner of little light-up gadgets on there, and a clattering pig charm hanging from one end. In a deep voice, he answered, “a phone befitting of the Fighting Wolves!”

“That’s enough, Souji.” The professor looked stern but there was a trace of a smile hidden in there. Souji had told her that he had been practically raised by Professor Hijikata and Headmaster Kondou back when they worked at the Shiekan Boy’s School, and his pranks rarely ended in a real punishment.

He winked as he sat down, and Hide was glad that more attention wasn’t directed at her. Now just to wait for class to end… haiku had never seemed to go on so long as it did that morning.

Where’s my samurai

Free at last, Hide dug the phone out and headed towards the bathroom that had been designed “no boys.” Here she could have some peace. It was strange to be the only girl, but an exception had been made at the Mibu Millitary Academy, since her father was the caretaker of the new school and her mother and grandmother cooked. Fumbling with the buttons, she finally pulled the text message up:

FROM: (Name unknown) (Number blocked)
MESSAGE: I like the braids, princess. Cute… -Your secret admirer

Hide held onto the sink and repressed a happy giggle. She had braided her hair into two long plaits, hoping whoever it was… that he would notice. Whoever he was… she wasted no time in replying back.

REPLY TO: (Name unknown) (Number blocked)
MESSAGE: I wore them just for you.

In only a few seconds her phone chimed back, and for a few minutes the messages flowed fast between Hide and her unknown suitor.

Just for me, hm? Nice but next time I want to see it all down.

You think I’ll do all of that for you, mystery man?

*smirk* Only because you like to know I’m looking at you.

Oh really? Now you get your way with my hair, what’s next? Skirt length?

The next time I get my way with something? *grin* The skirt will be the least of my worries. Shouldn’t you get to class though?

At that exact moment the bell rang, and Hide put her phone back up. For the past few weeks, since that first message came through, she had lived for this connection… even if the identity of this man was driving her crazy?

“Thanks for the loan of the phone.”

“If you run up my text fees, you’ll owe me.”

“Yes, Professor, but you’ve not forgotten that I still have it?”

Hijikata grinned as his student ran out of the room. A ladies man such as him, it was worth it to have a phone with an untraceable line, along with the two others he had with two other numbers. He managed to get it out of his student what the purpose was - had it been prank calling or something that would not have been acceptable. But to go after the Yagi girl? Ah well. Boys will do these things.

Too bad his secret haiku journal was still out of his reach. The boy was -clever-, he’d give him that.

I’ve been searching for a man
All across Japan
Just to find, to find my samurai
Someone who is strong
But still a little shy
Yes I need, I need my samurai

“Miss Hide looks like she’s floating,” Sanosuke caught up with her in the hall as the group of them went up to the roof for lunch. Her mother never understood why they’d all rather be on the roof, instead of in the nice cafeteria, but who could stay inside on such a beautiful spring day? She sat by Souji and Sanosuke, a dangerous proposition - one vied for her sweets, and the other would go for anything else she left on her plate, even though her grandmother would allocate Sanosuke double portions.

“More messages, Miss Hide?” Souji asked, eating the slice of cake on his tray first. Hide tried not to blush, it had become very “known” about the messages she was getting. Souji was quite unable to keep a secret, but she suspected he was trying to ferret it out as well.

“Mmm…” is all she said, looking at the blue sky above her. It was turning out to be a beautiful spring.

Ay, ay, ay,
I’m your little butterfly
Green, black and blue,
Make the colours in the sky
Ay, ay, ay, I’m your little butterfly
Green, black and blue,
Make the colours in the sky

She was coming down the stairs, flipping through the old messages. One night last week they texted back and forth for hours… sometimes flirty, sometimes she would find herself pouring out her heart on her cellphone.

She heard a voice. “It’s probably Souji.” Hide turned, startled, narrowly avoiding backing right into Hajime.

“Maybe,” she shrugged, fidgeting with the clasp on her schoolbag. She didn’t understand why his question unnerved her.

“You two spend a lot of time together.”

Hide shook her head. She had had a crush on the smiling young man when school had started, but as she got to know him… she never got that leaping thrill that she thought that first love should be like. At least, that’s what it was always like in those stories in manga. No, Souji proved to be a good friend, and the crush changed into a warm friendship. “It’s not like that.”

It was Hajime’s turn to shrug, “if you say so.” Hide felt annoyed - why was he always pestering her over Souji? She knew that Souji and Hajime were unlikely best friends, but why did he always scowl when she was around? “But you shouldn’t lead him on if you’re being fickle.”

Her eyes opened wide. “I am not leading him on! He’s a friend.” She wasn’t a flirt… well, not like that.

No, it was those little chirps on the cellphone that sent that tingle up her spine. Reading the words that made her face feel warm. The easy banter back and forth, as if her hidden correspondent were drawing out a side of her that she never got to express, being the dutiful daughter, big sister and now in her new role as a student at a boy’s school. She got to be… herself.

I’ve been searching in the woods
And high upon the hills
Just to find, to find my samurai
Someone who won’t regret
To keep me in his net
Yes I need, I need my samurai

TO: (Name unknown) (Number blocked)
MESSAGE: I’ve missed you - where have you been?

Hide bit her lip as she pressed send. It had been a week and suddenly he was gone. No messages, and about once a day she would try him, but no answer. Did he get bored with her? Lose his phone? It would have been lonely but lately she had found a new lunch partner.

“You miss him that much?” Again she found herself in the stairway with Hajime. She found out that it was his secret smoking hideout, and when he didn’t scowl, he looked… rather nice. They also talked, directly. He obviously didn’t stand for much formality, never calling her “Miss Hide” like the others did, but simply, “Hide.” He talked about his plans after graduation, and she was impressed with how he spoke about serving their country, and he listened to her. It was almost, almost like talking to Name Unknown, where she could be herself.

One afternoon she brought a small box. “I heard you liked soba.” She presented the plastic container with flushed cheeks, feeling like a girl in a romance story who had just made her declaration, but ever since he spoke of the dish one day, she had practiced until she could make it. It was a just a kindness to a friend, right? Then why did it feel like it was something more?

Hide was rewarded with a real smile from him, and they sat there quiet, except for the sounds of him slurping up his dinner. “Good,” he said simply, and for a long moment her eyes met his golden ones, and she felt his hand cupping her face, it was warm.

“Just good?” She grinned, her heart beating faster at the contact.

“You want me to say it was excellent?” He grinned back, “I think I’ll need more to make an accurate judgement.”

“I’ll bring you more tomorrow,” she promised, already thinking what else she could make him besides just soba. He was so lean, and they all worked so hard - and Hajime was, along with Souji and Shinpachi - the best at the kendo and martial training that took up almost half of the school day for the boys. He should eat more…

“Hide, what is he to you? The one who text messages you?”

She was quiet, and turned her head slightly, and his thumb grazed across her cheekbone in response. How such a simple touch could be so delightful… Hajime came closer, she could feel his warmth, and smell the cigarettes. “Hide, answer me.”

“He’s someone I care for.”

Immediately he withdrew, and Hide couldn’t make her eyes meet his, and was overcome with the sense that she had said something terrible. “Thanks for the soba. It’s been a long time.” She saw he was smiling, but it wasn’t the same one that she loved to draw out, but one where his eyes were almost closed, he was smiling so tightly.

Ay, ay, ay,
I’m your little butterfly
Green, black and blue,
Make the colours in the sky
Ay, ay, ay, I’m your little butterfly
Green, black and blue,
Make the colours in the sky

FROM: (Name unknown) (Number blocked)
MESSAGE: I think it’s time. Meet me after school. Under the sakura by the stream. I’ll see you there, princess. -Your Secret Admirer

“Souji!” Hide found her friend in the hall, waiting by Professor Hijikata’s room. “I need to ask you something.”

He smiled and nodded, “of course, Miss Hide.”

“Do you think… the one on the phone could be… Hajime?” Hide asked, keeping her eyes down. If anyone knew it would be Souji.

The young man looked thoughtful, then slowly shook his head, and Hide could feel something falling within her… a keen sense of disappointment. “First of all, he’s direct, and wouldn’t go for anonymous messaging - I’ve seen him flirt when we go to the Shimabara Club -” Souji stopped in mid-sentence and grinned. “And when he texts me, his name comes up. I don’t know who has a phone like that.”

“The one that texts me… he asked to meet.” Hide looked down, and fidgeted with the buttons on the cuff of her uniform jacket.

“Then you -should-, Miss Hide. You like this guy, right?”

“Maybe I am fickle like Hajime said I was,” she said in a low voice, the thought that send a cold wave over her. “He thought I was leading you on.”

Souji shook his head and laughed, then looked at her, head tilted. “Remember our school’s motto, Miss Hide? Sincerity?”

She was quiet for a minute, his words sinking and she realized what she wanted. At that moment… “I have to go!” Grabbing her bag, Hide ran for the washroom… she wanted to look perfect.

Ay, iyaiyai,
Ay, iyaiyai
A-a-a iyaiyai,
Where’s my samurai

Her phone chirped again, and she ignored it as she flung the door open. Faster, faster, her mind screamed, as the world seemed to move in slow motion, and it took her a moment to adjust to the dim light of the stairwell… where she wasn’t alone.

Suddenly strong arms were around her and she heard a low voice in her ear, “hello Princess…” Hide looked up at the tall man, blinking.

“Hajime?” She whispered his name.

“You were hoping for someone else?” His voice was light and he smirked, but there was an edge to it.

Gently she reached up and brushed the bangs out of his face. “I’d been wanting to do that ever since I met you,” she said, grinning slightly, feeling his warm skin under her fingers, not feeling shy.

“Didn’t he want to meet you somewhere else?”

Hide shook her head as he draw her close. “I knew you’d be here. And I wanted you.”

“What about him?” Now his voice had a quietness she’d never heard. “You’re going to leave him hanging?”

From her pocket Hide pulled out her cellphone, tapped in something, and from his jacket pocket, she heard a ring.

Ay, iyaiyai,
Ay, iyaiyai
A-a-a iyaiyai,
Where’s my samurai

I don’t think I am…

Letting go, he texted a message back, smirking the whole time, his amused eyes watching her.

Princess, I think I’m going to have to kiss you.

“Then stop texting about it and do it,” Hide murmured as she took the phone from his hand, lifting her lips to find his.

Notes: Idea dancing around my head since the AU challenge, song is “Butterfly” from Dance Dance Revolution. Thanks to Kitsune-chan-chan-chan for the song idea.

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