Rurouni Kenshin Songs

Opening, Closing and Original Soundtrack of Rurouni Kenshin both in Japanese and English (where available). Some are creditless. These were upscaled from the DVD versions to high quality UHD 4K versions! Or in some cases I left samples of my very first upsampling work in 1080p temporarily until I can go back and work on it again. Watch in full screen!

Note: You must have a compatible monitor to view the 4K versions otherwise this will scale to whatever resolution your monitor is. Also since these are high quality files it will likely buffer if you have a slow internet connection. If it does I guess wait for a good minute?

Opening Song Credits

“Sobakasu” by Judy and Mary (4K UHD)

Season 1: Episode 1 to 38

“1/2” by Kawamoto Makoto (4K UHD)

Season 2 to 3: Episode 39 to 82

“Kimi Ni Fureru Dake De” by Curio (1080p – needs work especially sound!)

Season 3: Episode 83 to 95

Closing Song Credits

“Tactics” by The Yellow Monkey (4K UHD)

Season 1: Episode 1 to 12

“Namida Wa Shitteiru” by Mayo Suzukaze (4K UHD)

Season 1: Episode 13 to 27

Version 1: “Heart of Sword – Yoake Mae” by T.M. Revolution (4K UHD)

Season 2: Episode 28 to 38

Version 2: “Heart of Sword – Yoake Mae” by T.M. Revolution” (will find V2!)

Season 2: Episode 43 to 49

“The Fourth Avenue Cafe” by L’Arc~en~Ciel (1080p – early upsample work)

Season 2: Episode 39 to 42 but in the Japanese DVD used from Episode 39 to 49

“It’s Gonna Rain” by Bonnie Pink (4K UHD)

Season 2: Episode 50 to 66

“1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou” by Siam Shade (1080p early upsample work)

Season 3: Episode 67 to 82

“Dame” by You Izumi (1080p – very first sample – needs work)

Season 3: Episode 83 to 95