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Saitou smokes

Rurouni Kenshin is the brain child of Watsuki Nobuhori, a Japanese manga (comic) artist back in 1994. It was originally a romantic comedy published in Shounen Jump, a magazine for boys but as time progressed it became a well-loved manga for all audiences. It is no wonder that the manga eventually was animated by Sony Entertainment which in turn inspired it’s own two OVAs, several games and tons of music soundtracks. This work was so popular that it was translated into various languages and picked up in English as “Samurai X”. It introduced to many anime fans the place of history even in a predominantly fictional rendition at a time where the fandom was caught up in fantasy, mecha and comedic anime. Watsuki simply made good use of fictional romance and comedy, giving it enough realism by adding enough history that his audience were in awe. It was simply different and unique. The product of his mind, particularly the characters were unique and riveted many people, turning them into fans. One such creation is his own Saitou Hajime, which I consider the epitome of his talent and is the subject of this website. Saito is one of the best example on how Watsuki has managed to incorporate a historical figure in his own vision, adapting him so much that in turn Saitou became his own independent character with his own personality and own set of followers, like myself. It was brilliance and courage at the same time.

Here is my fannish rant on Saitou-san! The one and only from Rurouni Kenshin! Saitou Hajime or Saitou (Saitoh NOT Saito), really needs no introduction. If you have wandered to this site most probably you have heard of him at least once in your lifetime. Still I chose to make a shrine for this man (even though there are countless shrines on the net) as he embodies the qualities that I most admire in a person and qualities that I wish to have myself. I am of course speaking of Rurouni Kenshin’s, Saitou Hajime aka Fujita Gorou. Hajime is the sexy man in the blue uniform and white gloves with the amber eyes or if you’d like to go back to the 1860’s he would be wearing a light blue hoari with white triangles on the sleeve (still with the amber eyes – Kizu aka “webmaster” faint). He was a former member of the Shinsengumi, Captain of the third troop (San-ban-tai Kumichou) who fought Kenshin Himura back in the Bakumatsu. Later on after the civil war he was recruited by the Meiji, as Fujita Gorou to work as an undercover agent, “the best in the force” as said by Police Chief Kawaji Toshiyoshi. Living by the code “Aku Soku Zan” (Sin Swift Slay), the man is intelligent, forthright and with unquestionable integrity. He is uncompromising in his quest for justice that he will scheme and use you to a point that you will scream MURDER!!! He is tough and skillful with the use of a katana, his specialty the Gatotsu is something you will pray never to cross. A bad boy really, smokes likes there was no tomorrow and eats soba for breakfast, lunch and dinner (that’s obviously exaggerated..) Still he is a human being (yes animated I know so what?) and through all the sarcastic and sometimes witty rebuttals, he shows compassion to others, loyalty to his comrades and love for his country.

Fangirl rant by Kizu