More to come soon! In my next update to this section perhaps I'll add my thoughts on what's really going on if I can't find a summary somewhere. LOL... I guess this small one on the net will do. It's only a teaser by Atlantis Dream and it didn't take off (or so it seems since I've seen no updates).

buraipage1saitouhajime_small.jpg buraipage2saitouhajime_small.jpg buraipage3saitouhajime_small.jpg buraipage4saitouhajime_small.jpg buraipage5saitouhajime_small.jpg buraipage6saitouhajime_small.jpg
buraipage7saitouhajime_small.jpg buraipage8saitouhajime_small.jpg buraipage9saitouhajime_small.jpg buraipage10saitouhajime_small.jpg buraipage11saitouhajime_small.jpg buraipage12saitouhajime_small.jpg
buraipage13saitouhajime_small.jpg buraipage14saitouhajime_small.jpg buraipage15saitouhajime_small.jpg

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