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Quotes and Voice Files

What shrine would be complete without a list of quotes from the Wolf of Mibu? Yes I -know- it's been done before but do I care? Of course not! A lot of these you've probably heard before but it's quite fun to hear them over and over again... Do click on the "play" icon so you can hear Ookami - sama's voice. His seiyuu was Hirotaka Suzuoki. To be quite blunt I love the Japanese voice way better than than the English one by Sparky Thorton. But that's highly subjective and is probably from all the out takes on Saitou in DVD, aside from which a friend of mine said Sparky uses almost the same voice for Jin in Samurai Champloo. Okay enough with the ado... In no particular order I present to you words of wisdom from our resident Wolf of Mibu, Saitou-sama...

Here are my personal favorites...

Do not get angry... Few have the strength to risk death for the pride and respect that humans deserve. Because you do not need pride or respect just to stay alive…

Humans are weak against terrorism and violence, and under such control their only desire is to survive no matter what. They lose all pride and respect.

Ten years, they're only two little words, but those years were very long to live through.

You tame a dog with food, and you can raise a man with money. But no one can tame a wolf of Mibu.

Only one thing stirs my emotion. Aku. Soku. Zan. For the sake of my justice alone!

Back then... and now.. A Shinsengumi is a Shinsengumi... A wolf is a wolf... And a Manslayer is a manslayer... Right Battousai?

"A man who cannot uphold his beliefs is pathetic in this world or the next."

Ishin Shishi "You people will never win this war!"
Saitou: "You can say that if it makes you feel better."

First rule of the Shinsengumi, shun that which opposes the way of the Samurai. Fleeing before an enemy is such a thing!

Have you forgotten? Aku Soku Zan... To Slay evil immediately was the justice shared by the Shinsengumi and the Manslayer. I cannot stand seeing you like this anymore…

Other notable quotes / dialogues...


"A dog that tucks its tail between its legs and runs away from battle shouldn't bark so loudly!"

That man, the Hitokiri Battousai, will be defeated by me, Saitou Hajime the third Captain of the Shinsengumi

Not very impressive...

Hey who’s this? *points to Misao* (think… kitsune (fox)… tanuki(racoon ) Itachi musume.. (weasel)

There is somewhere you can run to that's safer then Shanghai. That place is called Hell, if I recall correctly.

"It's dangerous to let your guard down until all your enemies have been defeated"

What's wrong? You can't smile anymore? I've wasted enough time with a man who can only smile when he's winning. It's over." –

"And I was finally having fun"

"Not a dreamer like him."

Saitou: "Idiot"
Sano:"Ok, what did I say now?!"
Saitou: "RUN all the way to Asoka? We'll take the carriage"



Saitou" I will kill you"
Battousai "It is me who will kill you"

Kenshin "What will you do?"
Saitou " I will meet Shisho in Kyoto"

Then can you shut up already? It’s rather tiring to fly all over Japan just for your sake

Music and Theme Songs from the OST

With all the OST's and character songs released for Kenshin, I was quite disappointed to see no vocal character song for Saitou Hajime. However we do get two "Saitou Hajime" themes but are instrumental (meaning no voice). Sometimes it makes me wonder if perhaps Hirotaka Suzuoki (Saitou's Seiyuu as mentioned above) was not quite the song bird... But do enjoy the songs dedicated to our wolf and the Shinsengumi by clicking the name of the songs below (opens a pop-up window)

Yomigaeru Miburo - A Theme of Saitou Hajime

This theme was played in the first few episodes of the Kyoto Arc. It is purely instrumental unlike the other character songs for the Rurouni Kenshin cast.

Saitou Hajime - Game Theme

The composer for this game theme was Noriyuki Asuka. The song is quite repetitive, typical of background music Playstation 1 games.

War of the Last Wolves

This theme was for the "Shinsengumi" as a group in the OVA "Tsuikohen". It plays in the background as the Shinsengumi conducts the Ikedaya raid.

The Last Wolf Suite

There is a song entitled the "Last Wolf Suite" which is actually a theme for Shishio Makoto. I'm quite lost as to why this would be appropriate for Shishio. It seems more in line with Saitou-san if you ask me... And definitely Shishio Makoto is not one of our Miburo wolves... Even if he was named "Makoto" which is the true code of the Shinsengumi... I wonder sometimes if Watsuki-sensei was having his own little fun... Nah definitely having fun, using characters and history and intertwining them. I definitely don't mind. Anyway here is that song...


Video files

I was lucky enough to get the memorial box for Rurouni Kenshin! It was certainly worth the purchase although it's probably out of production already (yes I got a second hand one. hehehe). The box includes a very thick book of character sketches, a calendar and a set of wonderful postcards, all of which we plan to put up in a separate gallery in the future!

In the meantime, we've encoded the analog video into a digital format for your viewing pleasure. The video is small (for bandwidth purposes) but still around 80MB as it's at least an hour and a half long! This does not have subtitles. If you'd like to send us a subtitle contact me please ^__^ Enjoy and please don't leech or hammer our server so we can keep this video up for other folks to see and appreciate (and reminisce!) RK goodness!

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