A Primer on PMK Saitou Hajime

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Personal Bio

Name: Saitou Hajime
Nicknames: Sleepy head aka Fighting Monk (not official)
Born: January 1, 1844
Birthplace: Edo (old name for Tokyo)
Shinsengumi Rank: Captain of the Third Troop
Special Ability: Able to see the dead


Character Design of PMK Saitou Hajime

I can't draw to save my life. Thank Kami-sama he gave us people who can and those people gave us drawing guides. Such is the case below. Check out his character sketch and make your fanart. Oooohh... And if you want me to put it up I'm happy to do so and give you full credits, just e-mail Kizu. ^__^

Saitou character sketch 
Saito character sketch peace maker kurogane


Quotes from our Psychic Member of the Shinsengumi

The following quotes remind me that my Saitou-sama is Saitou-sama wherever he goes...

  • Think carefully before you speak! - reminds me of the RK OVA when he was reprimanding Okita-kun

  • Yare yare so it was you after all - "Yare yare", a favorite phrase of mine of RK Saitou said at the bridge before it collapsed after the Shishio fight.. Yes the one where I thought he died!

  • I try not to fight with backstabbers… - Oh no obvious ties but it does reminds me that Saitou is no fool just like in RK

  • Oo… A double for okita-dono… how comical - This one when you watch the anime and yes even the words reminds me so much of RK Saitou... IMHO

The following I just found funny and endearing ^__~

  • Saitou: White… you would look more manly if you wore red or something. Okita: Like wise hajime-san. It’s like a funeral, wearing black all the time

  • I see a black shadow…

  • You cannot see that person.. I see it.. it is not one that is passed but the eyes of the living. All is in the past

  • You’re a good girl. Ninja work does not suit you. - Oh hohoho! He was so kind to the girl...

  • What about “o dear, oh my, oh yes”? - My favorite funny quote when Saitou catches the trio (Harada, Todou, Nagakura) talking about Tetsu's love life


Seiyuu for PMK Saitou Hajime

A few things to know about PMK Saitou (aside from what I mentioned above) his Seiyuu (voice actor) was Matsuyama Takahashi (松山 鷹志), who is also the seiyuu for a few other popular anime like Miyamoto Musashi of Shura no Toki and Naji Echizen from the highly popular "Tennis no Ohjisama" (Prince of Tennis). I do love his voice though, probably not as much as Suzuoki-san (RK) but the atmosphere of the two shows are highly different. Now how Matsuyama-san would fare doing the RK version I would say pretty well provided he doesn't let PMK Saitou's -sleepy- disposition make itself apparent. Below is a picture of Matsuyama-san;

Saitou's seiyuu in peace maker kurogane, Matsuyama Takahashi

A friend pointed out to me that Matsuyama-san also was involved in one of the most important anime movies, "GITS", commonly known as Ghost in the Shell. Since I did not watch this movie (shame on me), I'll put it in Sec's words, "his character is in fact VERY memorable to those who saw the film he was the terrorist guy who got ghost hacked". Refer here for more info on Ghost in the Shell.


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