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Gunrou den by Watsuki sensei


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Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Version
3. Controls
4. Characters
5. Combinations
- 5.1 - Standard Combination
- 5.2 - Dashing Combination
- 5.3 - Special Combination
6. Charged mode
7. Team-up Special
8. Credits

1. Introduction:

Shinsengumi Gunrou-den is a 3D sword fighting action game by SEGA and
Red Entertainment. The character designs are drawn by Nobuhiro
Watsuki who drew the popular Japanese manga/anime series Rurouni
Kenshin. The story line takes place in the late Edo period of Japanese
history and is based on events in Japan's history. The main character
that the player control is Shinsengumi commander Okita Soushi. Over the
many missions and sub games, Okita Soushi seeks to protect the capital
city from a rebel group that seeks to return power to the emperor. Okita
Soushi is a real historical figure, and is joined in the game by other
historical members of the Shinsengumi.

2. Version:

This is version 1.0, it was made after many failed attempts to master the
combo system of this game. I got this game imported, so it was all in
Japanese. After a while I got a hang of the basics but couldn't do the full
range of combos and when I got to a difficult boss, it was next to
impossible to proceed. Fortunately a Japanese friend helped me worked
out the combo system, so I thought I'd make a quick FAQ to share it with
other people.

3. Controls:

Arrows and Left thumb stick - move character
Right thumb stick - control camera
Square - attack
X - when prompted and pressed with a direction, performs 'dash'
Triangle - knock down attack or used to link dash combos
Circle - to open doors and enter new areas of the map
L1 - Lock on target/Switch targets
L2 - Charged mode
R1 - Block
R2 - Special attack
R3 - Reset camera to view in front of character
L1 + L2 - Team up Special

4. Characters:

Each character (members of the Shinsengumi) you choose to accompany
Okita will affect Okita's stats. There are three stats. The first is attack,
followed by defense and Power (specials).

5. Combinations:

There are three types of combos in the game: Standard combos, Dash
combos and Special Combos.

5.1 - Standard Combinations:
Standard Combos are abled to be executed at anytime in the game,
usually when you are on the offensive or have dashed in the wrong
direction, thus failed to start a 'dash' combo. Standard combos do very
little damage to enemies, are easily blocked or counter dashed by the
enemy. They do however serve to make the enemy counter you, thus
giving you the opportunity to counter dash them.

Square - one slash
Square, Square - double slash
Square, Square, Square - Triple slash
Square, Triangle - Slash then short jump slash
Square, Square, Triangle - Double slash, followed by a thrust*
Triangle - Trust*

* - will cause knock down

5.2 - Dash Combinations:

Dash combos are performed just prior to an enemy attack. White
directional arrows will appear to let you know which direction to dash.
Which arrows appear will depend on the type of attack the enemy is
going to perform. For example, if you face an enemy and he is about to
slash in an arc from left to right, then you will get a backwards arrow,
dashing back will avoid the hit while dashing left or right will see you get
hit by the enemy's sword arc, if an enemy is about to thrust his sword
straight ahead, then the arrows for left or right will appear, dashing left
or right will avoid the hit while dashing back will cause you to get
stabbed. Thus getting the correct direction will (a) allow you to avoid
getting hit and (b) to start the counter dash combos.

Once you have correctly dashed away, you can start the dash combos.
There are many different combos. All performed using the square button,
but to different timing. They can also be linked together by finishing the
combinations with the triange button.

(-) means pause






You can view and practice these combos in the 'Character section',
second option after selecting the combo you want to view and practice.
You begin the game with four dash combos and gain more through out
the game. Performing a complete set of four combos or more will enable
your green circle bar to charge, enabling you to do special combinations.

5.3 - Special Combinations:

Special combos are performed by pressing R2 when your green circle
meter is charged up by at least 1 level. Each four hit combo will charge
up 1 level (regardless of whether or not your combo hits) to a maximum
of four levels. Each level also makes your sword glow a different colour.
Blue for your first set of combos, followed by green, yellow and a
rainbow colour for your last combo set. After the combo ends, the green
circle meter will start to go down, in which you must press R2 and
perform the input necessary to execute the Special combo. Time will also
freeze until you either complete your input, input incorrectly, or the
circle green meter runs out. You begin the game with one special
combination and gain more as the game progresses.

Square, Circle, Triangle - Okita cuts a wide circle slash, doing damage
and knocking down enemies.

Triangle, Circle, Square - Okita dashes forward with his sword side wards,
doing damage and knocking down all enemies in his path.

Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Square, Square - Okita executes a series
of up to four combos on a single enemy. He is also invulnerable during his

Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle - Okita performs a jump
and slams the ground, making all enemies within a range dizzy.

Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle - Okita stabs his sword
forward multiple times with lightning effect then calls forth a lightning bolt
to hit the ground a short distance in front of him.

6. Charged mode:

Charged mode can be performed when the blue wave shaped meter is
charged up (glows white) by pressing L2. During the charged mode
Okita's sword glows red and your attack power and defense are
increased and your special combo meter builds up more with each dash
combo. Okita's regular moves also increase in range.

7. Team up Special:

Team up specials are performed by pressing L1 + L2 buttons together
when the orange meter under your health bar is full (the meter will be
engulfed in flames). Depending on which member of the Shinsengumi you
chose at the start, you will see a different animation sequence. This
attack will hit all enemies on screen.

8. Credits:
Thanks to SEGA and RED Entertainment for this enjoyble game and
Nobuhiro Watsuki for his every great work.

Thanks also to Kaeli for background info on Nobuhiro Watsuki.

If you have anything you wish to add or have any comments about
the FAQ, you can email me at


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