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Just like any Saitou in any universe, Keiichirou Washizuka is involved in the secret service of the Mibu Police Station... Shinsengumi anyone? His story starts with his return to Mibu after finishing an assignment. Apparently a place called Hell's gate is raising hell (pun intended) to the dismay of the Shogunate... He seems to be remembered well for cursing at every start of a fight; "Kisama!". Here are some basic facts about Washizuka-san!

Full Name: Keiichirou Washizuka (usually mistaken for RK's Saitou Hajime LOL!)
Birth Date: May 20, 8th year of Amayasu
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Weapon: Sword [Falcon]
School: Natural Justice Mind Style [Falcon]
Family Organization: Unknown
Goal: Investigate Hell's Gate
Treasured Item: Central Bureau's Ordinance
Plans: Training
Likes: Samurai Code of Chivalry
Dislikes: Ones who break the code of chivalry
Symbol Item: Coat of the shinsengumi Moves:
Rapid Sky Murder
Empty Air Murder
Wolf Fang
 ├Wolf Fang Straight Style
 └Wolf Fang Slant Style
Sagacious Murder
└Sagacious Murder - Connected
True Wolf Fang
Final Wolf Fang
Severed Wolf Fang

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